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> Subject: Conference anouncement - "From France to Québec : Writ ing
> in All Its States"
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> "From France to Québec : Writing in All Its States"
> International Conference, from November 12 to 15, 2008
> One language, two societies, two cultures. The purpose of this
> conference, with its dual representation, is to present an overview
> of how writing is taught and learned in France and in Québec by
> identifying the issues that underlie the teaching and training of
> writers, from novices to professionals.
> The conference is being jointly organised by: the CNRS Group of
> Research on Writing & the Graduate School for Teachers, University
> of Poitiers (FR) ; the University Laval, Québec (CA) ; the
> University of Sherbrooke, (CA).
> We have taken the anniversary of the foundation of the town of
> Québec by Samuel Champlain (who was born near Poitiers-France) as
> an opportunity to
> build a multi-disciplinary meeting, considering writing from both a
> cognitive and a socio-linguistic/cultural point of view. The
> conference will focus on the acquisition, learning and use of
> French written language (as a native or as a foreign language).
> However, it will also take advantage of research conducted in other
> languages and countries, for a comparative approach. Although
> French will be the official language of the conference,
> presentations can be made in English, with French powerpoint support.
> Because of the "France-Québec" theme, we will first consider the
> French language and its linguistics/learning characteristics but of
> course, we will also consider English and other languages within an
> intercultural, inter-language context (for instance : bilingualism,
> literacy/acquisition/development comparisons, curriculum
> comparisons, French as a second language, etc.)
> The dates are November 12 to 15, 2008
> The location is Poitiers, France
> Because of the success of the conference in France and in Québec,
> we have decided to extend the event to Europe and the European
> writing community.
> A special deadline is provided for European researchers (except
> France) : May 22th 2008 with final decision on June 1st 2008.
> More information on:
> http://www.poitou-charentes.iufm.fr/spip.php?article646 <http://
> www.poitou-charentes.iufm.fr/spip.php?article646>
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