[xmca] If all hopes are lost for establishing a more workable social system , then please tell me where A.N.Leontyev has gone wrong with his definition of "Personal Meaning"

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Dear Mike
  1. At the moment it's not possible for me to go to Paul Ballantyne's website and to Tolmin's rendering of A.N.Leontyev's Activity Theory Terminology ; however , I suppose within the bounds of this terminology "sense" is the same as the "personal meaning" in opposition to the "objective meaning" . Any corrections ?
  2. Don't you think your second question is somewaht ambiguous ? It has many sides to it :
  2.1. Where should I read Leontyev having imprisoned himself within the bounds of "education" , "pedology" , even psychology proper , etc. ? How many times did Anna Stetsenko stress that these scholars and revolutionaries hoped and tried for a better social system and life , which in their view was nothing but "socialism" ?
  2.2. I had to review my collection of different paragrapshs but saw nothing which entails the content being allocated to , and exclusive of pedology (children) . kids , adolescents , etc. .
  2.3. Marx quite intelligently knew it was boys and girls (children) who went to schools and that part of this folk would then become the intelligentsia of the society , mental workers , farmers , managers , etc. ; however , nothing prevented him from dealing with the "labour" issue (Engels' point referring to what labour did to man) , erecting his monumental work "Capital" upon this "basic category" which is included within the bounds of "political economy" and the "philosophy" which supports and advocates it .
  2.4. Yes , children go to their desks and sit in their seats waiting for the good teacher to come and work with them within the limits of their differentiated ZPDs getting scaffolding from the more capable peers , the teacher , the newly-invented devices , the 5th dimension , etc.etc. , yes , but all these endeavourings aside , generally and on a final count , these same children have the objective world outside them and the social relations arising from it infiltrating in and even imposing upon them the "ideal" plane of that same "objective world" and the relations therefrom , in our case , the "shadow" or the "ghost" of "capitalistic relations" (stereotypes in the passage and the due resistence) which they should deal with but not so smoothly because they possess something called "personal meanings" which are not yet "intrinsic" , either being alianated by them and going through pathological disorders of various degrees or being able to endure (here personality comes
 in) and predominate .
  It's not important which boy becomes an intellectual or which girl becomes a worker . Marxist political economy puts the weight on the workers' shoulders because of the factors you're quite familiar and clear with .
  2.5. While seeing your questions , I had to read the whole article again , many quotes are provided , yet better to get finished up with it now .
  Best Wishes

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