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Hello Peter:

I am thinking about the introduction to the collection you and Carol Lee
edited entitled "Vygotskian perspectives on Literature." Also you wrote
an article entitled "The social construction of data: Methodological
problems of investigatin learning in the zone of proximal development." I
admit it has been a while since I read it and only remember thinking
functional method of double stimulation when I did. I appreciate your
thinking pertaining to coconstruction and how this impacts a person's
internalization/appropriation of controls as it relates to the learning of
writing skills. Also, I have not had a chance to read your article, "High
School Students' Compositions of Ranch Designs", but reading the abstract
intrigues me. I plan on getting my hands on that one and I also intend on
reading much more of your work. Does this brief explanation help clarigy
your thinking? Hope others have had a chance to study your research Peter.


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Eric, thanks for mentioning these studies. I've actually written several,
could you please help me identify the ones you're thinking of, and the
issues you're especially interested in, so my remarks are on target? Peter

Peter Smagorinsky
The University of Georgia
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            I would appreciate if Peter Smagorinsky could speak briefly
about his thoughts pertaining to the work he has been doing with high
school student's essays. I know that Peter does not use the term method of
double stimulation but in reading some of his work it appears it is very
similar in design. I.e. a semi-real world setting where the subjects are
expected to use their cultural environments for the purpose of self
reflection and understanding of the goal-orientated activity.


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Very helpful cite, Eric.
I am wondering. Is there anyone who has trouble understanding why this
method is fundamental or who does not understand how it applies to such odd
phrases as "learning to control oneself from the outside" or Iran kids
clutching plastic keys while walking through minefields??

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> For those interested, a very explanation with examples:


> because the address stretches over two lines people will need to copy and
> paste website address to access. If that doesn't work it is the first
> result when - Valsiner method of double stimulation - is used as the
> search entry on google.
> perhaps laughable, perhaps not
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