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Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 07:48:37 PST


I certainly agree that 'analysis' is a method that Vygotsky got from
Capital, and he uses Marx's 'abstraction' as an illustration of it. At the
same time he wrote that historical materialism was too specific to be
transfered directly to psychology, and that what was needed instead was a
'biological materialism and psychological materialism' which had not yet
been invented.


On 2/16/08 11:44 PM, "David Kellogg" <> wrote:

> I'm much less sure about Martin's critique of David Bakhurst. As you can
> probably tell, I think that LSV really DID get his method (that is, his actual
> analytical technique, though not the actual unit of analysis) from Capital. I
> think that word meaning really IS his unit of analysis for consciousness, and
> that rote, role, and rule are the equivalent of commodities that are things in
> themselves, commodities that are things for others (exchange values) and
> commodities that are things for us (use values).

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