Re: [xmca] neoformation / zpd

From: Paul Dillon <phd_crit_think who-is-at>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 17:44:52 PST

  Please point out to me anyone who has transformed the commodification of culture or even slowed it down.

Lois Holzman <> wrote:
  Doesn't this "leave out" that determined as we are, we qualitatively
transform that which determines us? And that includes the
transformation of "the old" rather than a leaving behind?

On Feb 9, 2008, at 2:15 AM, Paul Dillon wrote:

> The child’s socio-historical context, made up of the specific set
> of activity systems (fields) in which she or he will increasingly
> participate, determines which sets of emotional, social, cognitive,
> and motor competencies allow fuller, more central participation.
> The assumption of new roles and leaving behind the old ones
> certainly also requires all kinds of new emotional and social skills.

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