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Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 06:22:41 PST

David Kellogg wrote:
"Many of the on-line presentations (Mike's, Pentti Hakarainnen's, and of
course the Seoul presentations) have to do with a text called "Problem of
Age" in Volume Five of the Collected Works, eric. In it, LSV really does
describe disappearing neoformations ("autonomous speech" and "negativism"
are mentioned, and that's why Dr. Subbotsky talks about negativism in his
remarks at the on-line seminar). And of course in Chapter Five and Six of
Thinking and Speech he also talks about everyday concepts "blazing a trail"
for scientific concepts. "

What Vygotsky describes is the 'internalization' of autonomous speech and
negativism. This is a far cry from disappearing.


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