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From: Martin Packer <packer who-is-at>
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 13:40:44 PST


Can you help me here with my understanding of Hegel? Naively, I have been
thinking that absolute knowledge is when appearance and reality, concept and
geist, finally coincide. This is genuine philosophical knowledge, possible
only when a Napolean appears. At this point history ends in a totality in
which form and content are unified.

On 2/4/08 4:21 PM, "Andy Blunden" <> wrote:

> Again, Hegel can get very flowery but I see Hegel's absolute knowledge as
> entirely relative. After all, even world historic figures are not conscious
> of what they do. Philosophy gives you access to something that is more than
> an historical or cultural particular, but it is not absolutely absolute, as
> I read Hegel.

> As to Marx, as I read it, "false consciousness" is a term and a concept
> dating from Lukacs, not Marx.
True. Substitute 'alienation.' (Does this mean you're not fond of Hegelian
readings of Marx?)


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