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In the US, there are groups working with Henry Jenkins at MIT, and Jim Gee's
former group still at U of Wisconsin (esp. Kurt Squire and Constance
Steinkuehler). Jim is now in Arizona.

In Europe, there is a group at Utrecht University (Joost Raessens) that has
some philosophical interests as well as general studies of games and
sociality (philosopher is Jos de Mul). Also IT University of Copenhagen

What kinds of data will you be using?


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Thanks a lot, Michaels (Cole and Evans)

and by "good places" I mean institutions.



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If you haven't already seen this, MIT Press (in conjunction with the
MacArthur Foundation in the US) has just released a six-volume series that
might assist with your efforts:

I'm currently using "The Ecology of Games" in my course...

BTW, when you say you're searching for "good places to pursue this kind of
research" - were you referring to institutions, conferences, or something

Best of luck!

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> Hi all,
> I've been missing for quite a while, lost in the jungle of Philosophy of
> Language. But now I want to embark on a new research project. I am about
> start studying online games, which I see as tools for sociability (in
> Simmel's sense). As some of you may know, there is a growing literature on
> ethnographical and sociological accounts of this phenomenon, and I intend
> draw on this work in order to pursue a philosophically oriented research,
> dealing also with issues such as make-believe, joint pretense, distributed
> cognition and the intermingling of "real" and "fictional" objects and
> characters.
> I am just finishing collecting the relevant material and hope to start
> working on it in the next few weeks. I would appreciate any suggestions
> might make, as well as info about good places to pursue this kind of
> research (since I am interested in working abroad).
> Best regards,
> Luiz Carlos Baptista
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