[xmca] Content Analysis Suggestions

From: <irosero who-is-at weber.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 20:14:04 PST

Hello Everyone,

I am currently taking a content analysis class at UCSD, which will require
as a final project a statistical analysis of some corpus of textual data.
I want to try it on this XMCA list, but I have not narrowed down what time
frame nor what kinds of categories to use in the analysis. If any of you
have suggestions, or know of content analysis studies down on XMCA or
other lists of this, I would be very grateful. Some categories I've been
thinking of using are:

 * Kind of discussion (theoretical, practical/praxis)
 * Subject (mind, action, unit of analysis...)
 * Tone (explanatory, argumentative)
 * Original or Recurrent Theme

Obviously, these are all subject to change, nor is it clear to me whether
this preliminary categorization makes sense. Any suggestions?

My appreciation,

Ivan Rosero

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