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From: Steve Gabosch <sgabosch who-is-at comcast.net>
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 21:36:11 PST

Andy, (and anyone else interested) if I may take advantage of the
momentary lull in xmca messages (or is my email malfunctioning?) ...
and see if you would be willing to weigh in with some more of your
interesting perspectives on human subjectivity. You have studied the
colorful history of the term "subject" - I looked at an article you
wrote on this that you had mentioned a while back. Lots to learn
there (perhaps you could summarize that study?). I am particularly
interested in your thoughts on some of the other words often used to
refer to individual selfhood and significant aspects thereof. I am
thinking in particular about the words "ego" and "self." You have
adopted the term "identity," a term I would also like to understand
better. Other terms also might be worthwhile taking a look at, such
as "psyche" and "soul." And of course, there are other such words and
terms - not to mention, of course, the many variations of these
concepts in other languages. From the Hegelian-Marxian-CHAT
perspective that you are developing, perhaps using the tripartite
criteria you introduced in your paper, how might these words and their
evolving meanings be better understood?
- Steve
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