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If you're referring to NVivo, I've been using it to analyze transcribed
interviews from a multiple case study. One caveat: I'm a veteran user
and instructor of software, including database software. NVivo
definitely has pluses and minuses. First, it is not intuitive software,
so the learning curve, especially for queries and reports, may be steep.
(I keep thinking that it's a plot to keep the NVivo training industry
busy :-).) Second, when coding, there is a tendency to start parsing
phrases, sentences, and words and focus on the "trees" rather than the
"forest." I think it is somewhat a methodological issue of how the
researcher wants to approach the data. Advantages? First, all my
documents are in digital form, organized in a database, and backed up
nightly by Mozy. If my house burns down with all my paper files, I'll
be able to carry on! Another advantage -- if you have someone who is
really a whiz-bang NVivo user, there are all sorts of interesting ways
the data can be viewed, reorganized, and coded. It's becoming popular.

Here is some info I've found helpful.

Resources for qualitative data analysis with NVivo (by Dr. Pat Bazeley): She has a new book: Qualitative
Analysis with NVivo

Best wishes!


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Does anyone on this list have experience with either Atlasti or EnVivo
for the purpose of analyzing transcribed interviews? We may or may not
decide to buy one of these. There will be 40-50 interviews are about an
hour long, structured by about 15 questions.

Thanks -- Helena

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