[xmca] Re-cycling the idea of a collaborative papers

From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 05:44:23 PST

On Jan3 forwarded the following invitation to XMCA:
From: Sensevy Girard <gerard.sensevy@bretagne.iufm.fr>
Date: Jan 2, 2008 10:48 PM
Subject: Asking a paper for "Education & Didactics"
To: Cole Michakl <mcole@weber.ucsd.edu>
Dear Professor Cole,
the Journal "Education et Didactique", has been published in 2007 by
the Presses Universitaires de Rennes
We would very much appreciate to publish an article written by you
(en english) which would either present your ongoing researches or a
synthesis of the researches you have made or any other subject you
would like to deal with.
This article could be rather short or rather long (including 100.000
signs at the most), the choice would be yours.
Would you agree on writing such a paper ?
Hoping for your cooperation.
Best wishes
Girard Sensevy

David Kellog has indicated he would like to pursue the idea.
Recently materials from both David and Andy (in addition to his paper)
have been placed in the XMCA archive under a new category, "Multi-media
presentations or discussion"
which also contains the LCHC/DWR lab-Helsinki) discussion about development.

(Recall, the xmca pages are at lchc.ucsd.edu/discussions)

David, Andy, and I have started to discuss how a paper that address question
of education and didactics
(perhaps involving some allied contrast such as learning/development,
informal/formal, teaching/learning)
might be put together.

Anyone interested in a collective article in this domain? If not, we will
simply pursue
of in a corner of xmcaworld and report back for your critical comment should
an article
come to pass.

Let us know.
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