RE: [xmca] Silly Offshoots and Dropped Subjects

From: Andy Blunden <ablunden who-is-at>
Date: Sun Jan 13 2008 - 15:31:47 PST

Yes, it is surprising that no-one ever seems to have said before simply
"the body is an artefact," though Mike near-as-damn-it says it in "Cultural
Psychology." You say "in spite of its biological origin" but of course all
artefacts are made of matter in accordance with Nature. In fact I think I
used an inappropriate form of word in my last email (5.) in declaring
against the "dual nature" of artefacts. "Dual nature" is fine actually,
what we should against is "two types" of artefacts. I.e., all artefacts are
both ideal/material. So that was a stupid formulation of mine.
At 03:15 PM 13/01/2008 -0800, David Kellogg wrote: ...
> I think Andy's got a better bootstrap, and the best thing about it is
> that one is supplied free with every pair of ankles. The body IS an
> "artefact" (in spite of its obvious biological origin) because it is the
> tool we use in gesture. Gesture is "bootstrapped" as INTONATION and
> STRESS (or rather, it "ingrows" to become intonation and stress). From
> intonation we get the basic divide between commands, statements and
> questions, and from stress we get words.

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