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Hi, Debora!
Before I can find a relevant LV's passage, I recall seemingly relevant
discussion of A.N. Leontjev. I can not give you exact citation in English
because I use Russian edition of "Activity, Consciousness, Personality"
He describes observation of activities of children involved in development
of aeroplane models. They liked to construct, but escaped lessons on theory
until at a competition they've seen that some planes fly long distance, some
fall immediately. When they asked their teacher :"Why?", he invited them to
learn the rules of aerodynamics and they enthusiastically started to learn,
because then the theory was meaningful for them.
Bella Kotik-Friedgut

On 1/11/08, deborah downing-wilson <> wrote:
> As a lead in to my question...yesterday afternoon I watched an
> undergraduate
> student literally skip out of Mike's office. He is taking part in a class
> where the students are engaged in real work - in accomplishing an
> important
> task that would otherwise not get done - and his enthusiasm for
> the assignment was palpable.
> Along that line, I'm looking for a Vygotsky passage that discusses the
> need
> for leading activities to have real meaning for the learner. By any
> chance
> do you have a great quote at your fingertips?
> Deb
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