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This it: ?

Desegregation Pioneers Reflect on Education Milestone

Fifty years ago, nine black students entered Little Rock Central High
School, marking a critical moment in the efforts to desegregate the
nation's schools. Seven of the "Little Rock Nine" recall their experiences.

At 08:06 PM 1/01/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>This evening on the public tv network in the US, a black woman who is now am
>important TV anchor
>interviewed the 9 people who, as high schoolers, integrated the school
>system of Little Rock in a souther US state... the one that
>produced one William Clinton.
>An AMAZING program. Far better 50th anniversary to remember than those that
>touch us directly/personally.
>15-17 year olds, following THE law of THE land, attempt to go to school. A
>local Governer calls out the state
>national guard and blocks the door. The president of the US, a former
>general who subsequently warned us all
>against the military-industrial complex then threatening not only the US (he
>had not figured out the role of
>public universities yes, left it to us), sent in Federal (national) troops
>and forced the local folks to accept the
>extraordinarily odd and hard-to-defend idea that "all people are created
>equal" and now these 6066+ year
>olds had to reflect on what it all meant.
>Whoa. What did it mean? Not nearly enough to suit my preferences. But it
>meant that these then-young people
>brought about a change in a direction that might be called (excuse the term,
>its problematic) progress. Not enough,
>not for enough people, not not not. but also not nothing.
>Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives.
>PS-- Perhaps available at (The program that is, the rest of your
>lives are available at a station right inside
>your own bodies and in your ..... ugh..... environment?)
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