RE: [xmca] Collective efforts appear to succeed. Thanks everyone.

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Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 10:57:55 PDT


As thos in the gamer communiy would be likely to say: W00T!

I'm sure I speak for the entire Terror Nova guild in saying that! ;-)

It's the power of the collective. Hope you and Sheila and your home remain safe!


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Dear Colleagues--

An amazing thing happened yesterday. About the time it appeared that the
small towns along the coast where we and
several of our friends and collegues live would be over run by the fire. But
the wind DID reverse. It DID start flowing from
West to East, just as I hoped it would if all of your efforts combined to
change the direction of our local history.

Well done, xmca-ites!! We promise you a giant thank you part next September
during the ISCAR conference.

(Lets hope the same collective efforts avoid a widening war between Turkey
and the Kurds!!!-- Remember, this time it
is important to blow both north and south!!)

mike and family and LCHC colleagues
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