RE: [xmca] Fires in San Diego County

From: Alexander Surmava <monada who-is-at>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 17:05:19 PDT

Dear Mike and all colleagues from San-Diego,


we, I mean me and many of my Russian colleagues, who know about your big
fire troubles, wish you courage and good luck so that fire will spare your
homes. The only one "optimistic" remark thereupon: we do believe that the
fire as Natural disaster by the highest standards is less dangerous for all
of us then all kind of man-made social "fires". We Russians have big
experience in the last type of problems and caeteris paribus should prefer
natural disaster (:-)). Unfortunately, living in the opposite point of the
Globe we can hardly help you practically. So the only one way to do
something for all of you is to forget temporarily our materialism and simply
to pray for you.


Sahsa Surmava, Lev Naumenko, Alexander Simakin, Alexey Novokhatko, Elena
and Gena Kravtsov and many others.


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You ain't seen nothing like this, Paul. When there is zero humidity, 90%

temp, 50+ mile an hour winds, there is nothing to be done. At present the

collective efforts of xmca seem to have shifted winds from East to West. I

sure do appreciate all that help saving our house!!

:-). Next 24 hours should tell the tale.


SDSU and all other institutions of civil life are pretty much closed for the

week. But despite the incredible scope of the crisis, so far everything is

orderly and pretty friendly.



On 10/23/07, Paul Dillon <> wrote:


> mike,


> i grew up in SoCal and lived there through many forest fires, the Altadena

> fire of 1993 coming within 1/2 mile of the house I lived in at the foot of

> the San Gabriel mountains. My uncle's home in Bel Air was the only

> on his block after the forest fire that swept though that elite community

> 1961. But from what the satellite photos reveal there is simply no

> comparison. So big, so fast! In Malibu I can understand how the fire

> all the way to the coast. But in San Diego? wouldn't it have had to jump

> lane freeways to get down that far? I haven't been able to find a good

> of the fires yet to really understand what's going on.


> Since my son lives in San Diego I'm especially concerned although I doubt

> the SDSU area is threatened. But the air must be almost unbreathable from

> the smoke plumes shown in the satellite images.


> My thoughts are focused on you back in your home . Stay well in the

> meantime.


> Paul


> *Mike Cole <>* wrote:


> Thanks to the many people who have expressed concern about the situation

> here in San Diego county.

> It is an unbelievable conflagration and it is directly threatening the

> homes

> of several colleagues as well as

> my own. We have been forced to leave our home and possessions and move

> out.

> We are living with friends near the UCSD campus which is not threatened at

> present.


> UCSD is officially closed, but so long as the electricity and internet

> connections are working, I suspect that

> folks will keep on chatting and we will keep on supporting it.


> mike

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