Re: [xmca] Nobel prize talks stupid things about human intelligence

From: E. Knutsson <eikn6681 who-is-at>
Date: Mon Oct 22 2007 - 20:39:43 PDT


You're right: No time for discourteous peace pipes or hotheaded disputes. Let's
join the firefighters.

"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted,
all else follows" (Orwell).

Sine ira et studio,

On 2007-10-23, at 04:29, David Preiss wrote:
> Eirik,
> As California burns, so a large group of people in the list is
> worried about more urgent things at this moment and will not concur
> to this thread, I donīt think it has any sense for us to proceed
> ahead with this discussion.
> We will certainly repeat the points of view we already sketched. We
> both have made more than clear our opinions to each other, thus we
> just need to learn to live with our differences.
> Peacefully,
> David

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