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Below is a flyer about our Ph.D program at UC Santa Cruz. Please
would you bring it to the attention of any potential students you
think might be interested. Thanks. Gordon

UCSC Department of Education
Ph.D. Program
Social Context & Policy Studies Specialization

The Ph.D. Program Social Context and Policy Studies Specialization
(SCPS) focuses on the complex interrelations between educational
processes within schools and the social, cultural, historical,
political, and economic contexts in which schools operate. The Ph.D.
program and SCPS specialization are designed to prepare university
faculty, policy analysts, and educational researchers.

SCPS offers a multidisciplinary framework for understanding learning,
teaching, and schooling in contemporary society and for addressing
questions about class, race, ethnicity, and gender in educational
policy and practice in both formal and non-formal educational

Through their courses and research, SCPS faculty share a common
interest in understanding patterns of educational inequality in
society and in exploring policy, instructional, and systemic
approaches to educational reforms intended to overcome those

SCPS offers seminars in the social, cultural, and philosophic
foundations of education, as well as in organizational theory and
policy analysis. In addition, various topical and theoretical
reading groups are regularly organized among faculty and students.
Related courses are also available through the Education Department's
Ph.D. program specializations in Language and Literacy Studies and
Math and Science Education, as well as in other departments of the

Current SCPS seminars include:
Students must take the core seminars: EDUC 261 and EDUC 262
EDUC 268A: Ethnographies of Education
EDUC 268B: School Organization
EDUC 268C: Cultural-Historical Activity Theory Applied to
Educational Research and Practice
EDUC 268D: Comparative and International Education
EDUC 268E: Ideology and Education
EDUC 268F: Critical Theories and Education
EDUC 268G: Educational Policy Analysis

Programs of study for SCPS students are highly individualized and
dependent on a student's background preparation and career aims;
however, required coursework for the Ph.D. includes a minimum of four
courses in the specialization area, approved by the faculty advisor.

Current SCPS faculty members and their areas of concentration:
        Lora Bartlett: educational policy and reform; schools as
workplaces for teachers
        Greta Gibson: anthropology of education; immigrants and
migrants and education
        Ron Glass: philosophy of education; urban school reform,
communities, and democracy
        June Gordon: comparative education; cultural and economic
factors in schooling
        Eduardo Mosqueda: quantitative methods; sociology of
education, ELs & mathematics
        Kysa Nygreen: race, class, & culture in education; youth
activism; participatory research
        Rod Ogawa: educational policy; school organization;
educational reform and leadership
        Trish Stoddart: teacher education for diverse students;
science education and technology
        Gordon Wells: sociocultural theory and education; discourse
in learning and teaching

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