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Thank you for the understanding that this is a difficult philosophical
subject. In rerereading Ilyenkov I am attempting to discover the essence
of how the ideal provides understanding of conscious
action/internalization/appropriation and activity.

Wells article discusses how discoursing mediates goal directed activity, in
this sense Wells refers to the transitional discourse between subjects as
it relates to the object as being the "ideal". Gordon, if I am wrong here
please jump in.

Please consider the following quote from Ilyenkov Page 19 from the
hyperlink article found on the marxist.org website:

This Hegelian definition of the term "ideality" took in the whole range of
phenomena within which the "ideal", understood as the corporeally embodied
form of the activity of social man, really exists.

Without an understanding of this circumstance it would be totally
impossible to fathom the miracles performed before man's eyes by the
COMMODITY, the commodity form of the product, particularly in its money
form, in the form of the notorious "real talers", "real rubles", or "real
dollars", things which, as soon as we have the slightest theoretical
understanding of them, immediately turn out to be not "real" at all, but
"ideal" through and through, things whose category quite unambiguously
includes words, the units of language, and many other "things". Things
which, while being wholly "material", palpable formations, acquire all
their "meaning" (function and role) from "spirit" and even owe to it their
specific bodily existence .... Outside spirit and without it there cannot
even be words, there is merely a vibration of the air.

Andy, I see little difference between Gordon's claim and what Ilyenkov
writes about the ideal.



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