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Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 12:21:38 PDT

Certainly there are many social practices that discipline the body and that
punish by limiting both impulsive action and spontaneous agency. Norbert
Elias apparently (in The Civilizing Process, 1978) suggested that the
distinction between self and reality is the experienced muscular tension
induced by the various social constraints over spontaneous action. It might
be argued, I think, that the interest that cultural psychology has shown in
the biological evolution of the human species has been focused on just a few
relevant aspects: on the brain, primarily, and then the hand and upright
posture. These is much more to the body that these.


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> And even the individual dying of terminal diseases in great pain is denied the
> right to do away with the body. But ownership implies among other things that
> one has the right to dispose with it as one pleases.

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