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But no less than the current President of the USA, and his political base,
maintain that a zygote is a person.

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Martin Packer wrote:

> Well I didn't mean to kill the conversation! But perhaps I could have made
> my point more clearly.
> It's tempting to view the body as a possession of the person. I 'have' a
> body. But occasions like the ones I described - and other more mundane ones
> like falling asleep, but they're much less fun to write about - show that
> the body can continue while the person disappears. The body is a condition
> for the possibility of the person, not vice versa. The body 'has' a person;
> or 'supports' a person, perhaps it would be more accurate to say.
> Except that each of us is able to achieve some degree of control over our
> body. Its determinations never completely disappear, but we gain some degree
> of will-power, of voluntary mastery of its powers. I can decide how to treat
> my body. So the dependency becomes more of a two-way street. But this
> freedom is bounded and temporary. One comes into the world a body (a neonate
> is a body not a person, although at times sparklingly sensate), and one
> leaves the same way.
> Martin
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