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Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 17:13:26 PDT

mike and all,
  I haven't read the article, just the abstract. I couldn't help but think that the idea "toolsforthought" was really invented 50 years ago when Levi-Strauss (Claude not denim) proposed that totems (e.g., animals and other natural objects) were not chosen because they were good to eat, but because they were good to think with . . . Totemism/Savage Mind.

Mike Cole <> wrote:
  Dear Colleagues--

We have had difficulty coordinating with Taylor and Francis about making the
Toolsforthought article from
Mind, Culture, and Activity available for discussion. I have also checked
with David Shaffer to invite him to
join the discussion, but he is off line.

So, as a temporary measure, to get things going for those of you who are not
subscribers (and are missing
two dynamite articles!!) the article for discussion is now posted at

Mind, Culture, and Activity - MCA Vol. 13 No.

Read and comment!!
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