[xmca] question regarding funds for a short term research

From: ignacio dalton (iedalton@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 18:21:53 PST

Hi mates!
  This is to get information regarding fundings for a short term research( 9 months maximum) related to single teen mothers ´ interactions and their impact on toddlers ´Spanish literacy development
  As part of a research academic year, I plan to develop this proposal as soon as possible. Nonetheless, my university is part of a Latin American country, Argentina, where it seems impossible to support this kind of proposal at this time of the year, specially when we are running for presidential elections.
  I am eagerly waiting to learn about US organizations or European which may be able to finance this project, which it implies developing grounded knowledge but also helping people and children in empoverish conditions.
  Ignacio Dalton, Lic.
  Universidad del Salvador
  Secretaría de Investigaciones Educativas

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