[xmca] Activity Theory and Environmental Education: A Question

From: Silvio Marquardt (marquardtsilvio@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 12:23:31 PST

Dear friends,

I`ve been puzzled with an issue for quite a long time and, possibly, some of you could help out:
As far as I understand, one of the element embedded in the Activy Theory is that we learn through tools/objects/social situations etc...Therefore, mediated by those element which will give us a "cognitive feedback" enabling our action and personal/social transformation.

When I think about "Education for Sustainability" (UN Decade, for instance) I face the problem related to my ongoing question of Freirean / Activity Theory "conflict"...
Paulo Freire would go for "conscientization" in order to change perceptions and achieve a certain level of environmental awareness...But an "Activity Theory" approach would focus on direct/objetive activity outcomes to generate whatever is necessary for change.
The problem is that environmental problems are likely to produce a "feedack" ("Nature" as a "Tool" ?) not immediatelly, therefore, it cannot be used as an educational resource for "Environmental Education".
Am I missing something ? Did any of you got into it before and I`ve just "missed the train" ?

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