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>Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:35:43 +1100
>From: bruce wilson <bewilson@postoffice.utas.edu.au>
>The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy 2007 conference
>"Dialogues in Place", will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, from December 5 to 8.
>Dialogues in Place
>There is a long tradition according to which dialogic practice lies at the
>very heart of philosophy. Moreover the idea of dialogue has
>also had a central role in a number of strands within Continental thought.
>The 2007 ASCP Conference will focus on the conception of
>dialogue in philosophy, but with particular emphasis on the opening up of
>philosophical dialogue between traditions and cultures
>especially between east and west and on the way the happening of dialogue
>in place sheds light on both the nature of dialogue as well
>as on the place in which such dialogic engagement takes place. This focus
>on dialogue in place connects with the University of Tasmania's own
>commitment to a thoroughly dialogic conception of philosophical inquiry,
>and to supporting engagement
>between different traditions and cultures, and to the sense of place which
>is so much part of the
>Tasmanian location for this conference.
>This is a preliminary notice. The information can be viewed at
>http://ascp.org.au/ , and more information will be available on this
>site later.
>Contact Bruce Wilson, University of Tasmania, on +61 03 6226 7848 email:
>Dr Bruce Wilson
>School of Philosophy
>University of Tasmania
>Private Bag 41
>Hobart 7001
>+61 03 6226 7848
>email: bewilson@utas.edu.au
>Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

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