[xmca] Types of internalisation

From: Phil Chappell (philchappell@mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 19:50:50 PST

Dear All,

I've come across a reference to Vygotsky writing of three types of
internalisation: structural-type, stitch-type, and whole-type. I
haven't come across this in any of the Vygotsky I've read - can
anyone point me to a work that discusses this? I originally came
across it in
Robbins, D. 2003, Vygotsky's and A.A. Leontiev's semiotics and
psycholinguistics : applications for education, second language
acquisition, and theories of language , Praeger, 2003., Westport,
Conn. ; London.


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