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This special issue ought to be of interest to some of you. Microgenesis from
what I assume will be from non-Vygotskian perspectives.

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 Apologies for any cross-posting.

Researchers interested in the microgenetic method may be interested in the
current issue of Infant and Child Development.

*Volume 16, Issue 1 (February 2007)*
*Special Issue: *Using the Microgenetic Method to Investigate Cognitive
Development .
Issue Edited by Emma Flynn, Karen Pine, Charlie Lewis.

Articles in the Current Issue:

*Editorials**Using the microgenetic method to investigate cognitive
development: an introduction (p 1-6)*
Emma Flynn, Karen Pine, Charlie Lewis
 [image: 2954fe.jpg]

*Research Articles**Wobbles, humps and sudden jumps: a case study of
continuity, discontinuity and variability in early language development (p
Marijn van Dijk, Paul van Geert
[image: 295559.jpg]

*Children's performance on the *[image: 29556d.jpg]give x[image:
29558b.jpg]task: a microgenetic analysis of [image:
29556d.jpg]counting[image: 29558b.jpg] and [image: 29556d.jpg]grabbing[image:
29558b.jpg] behaviour (p 35-51)
Elizabeth Chetland, Michael Fluck
[image: 2955b3.jpg]

*The role of inhibitory control in false belief understanding (p 53-69)*
Emma Flynn
[image: 2955c7.jpg]

*Change in spontaneous analogical transfer in young children: a microgenetic
study (p 71-94)*
Erika Tunteler, Wilma C. M. Resing
[image: 2955e5.jpg]

*Children's performance on and understanding of the balance scale problem:
the effects of parental support (p 95-117)*
Sharon Philips, Andrew Tolmie
[image: 295603.jpg]

*Modelling change: new opportunities in the analysis of microgenetic data (p
Andrea Cheshire, Kevin P. Muldoon, Brian Francis, Charlie N. Lewis, Linden
J. Ball
[image: 295621.jpg]

*Measuring change: current trends and future directions in microgenetic
research (p 135-149)*
Emma Flynn, Robert Siegler










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