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Hello everyone,

My name is Mark, and I'm a new member to this list, and although I'm not as
academically advanced as others on this list, my reasons for being here may
also be a little different.

I am currently doing my MA in English as a Second/Foreign Language through
the University of Birmingham and I am located in Japan. I am an English
teacher, I teach all levels of students ranging from the preschoolers all
the way up to University classes. My interests lie in tying Vygotsky to
methodology in English education.

My dissertation will be to show that Vygotsky's ZPD plays a key role in
language acquisition and in doing so, be able to adapt new teaching
methodologies which reflect that. Behaviourists such as Skinner or the
innatist such as Chomsky, will play an important role in my research with
regards to acquisition itself, but Krashen who believes that all acquisition
of language comes from comprehensible input is also important for me to
juxtapose with Vygotsky. I need to find a way to bring Vygotsky closer to
methodology of teaching/learning in order to propose changes to current
methodologies and show that internalization of language has a direct link to
methodology. Current research or current methodologies are mainly teacher
centered and leave little room for the student to internalize the language
through private speech or interlanguage.

I am really interested in the blocks that Ana has and especially this
thread. Ana, would I be able to see the material you have too?



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Can anyone point me towards replications of Vygotskyıs double stimulation
task, as described in Thought & Language? (22 blocks of various shapes,
sizes, colors, labeled with nonsense words). Or to variations on the task,
with different definitions of the concepts to be learned (i.e. tall +
narrow, short + wide, etc.)


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