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On ADHD research from a CHAT view, yes, Wanda
Rodriguez-Arocho of the University of Puerto
Rico. She spoke about her and her team's
research on ADHD in Puerto Rico at ISCAR in Spain
Sept 2005. I heard her talk, was very impressed,
and wrote her. She sent me a document and the
powerpoint presentation she gave there. She uses
a strong Vygotsky-Luria approach. She critiques
approaches to ADHD which view the executive
functions as impaired. Wanda emphasizes an
approach that views language and self-regulation as underdeveloped.

Here are a couple snips from the material she sent me.

"Executive Function, ADHD and Language. The idea
that self-regulation, and the higher
psychological processes or executive functions it
implies, are directly linked to language was
first stated by Vygotsky (1934/1962/1997). The
relationship between language and self-regulation
in children with ADHD has been the focus of
recent research and theorizing (Berk & Potts,
1991; Díaz & Berk, 1995; Oram, Fine, Okamoto &
Tannock, 1999; Tannock & Schachar, 1996). A
specific link has been proposed between ADHD and
language problems (Beitchman, Tuckett & Batth,
1987; Love & Tompsom, 1988; Cantwell & Baker, 1991; Tannock & Schachar, 1996)."

"Language and Self-Regulation: From Vygotsky’s
and Luria’s ideas on their relationship to
current research
"Wanda Rodríguez-Arocho, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
"The acknowledgement of a relationship between
language, cognition and the regulation of behavior
and emotion was central to both Vytosky’s and
Luria’s theoretical contributions. Also central was
their focus on human development as a product of
social interactions in the form of private speech,
among other forms of mediation. However, in most
current citations of Luria’s work the role of
language and the importance of the developmental
perspective have not received the same attention
as his ideas of the functional units of the
brain. In the same way, Vygotsky’s ideas on the role of
language in self-regulation have been either
ignored or superficially considered as a conceptual
framework for the interpretation of current
research that links language, learning and behavior
problems. This presentation will give an overview
of this research, including our own research on
the development of executive function and
language. I will argue about the pertinence of
Vygotsky’s and Lurias ideas to our effort to make
sense of current research findings."

Ana, if you like, I can write and ask Wanda if I
can forward the material she sent me and her
e-mail address to you, for you to pass on to your
student. She also shows up in a Google search,
and might already have posted this and other material somewhere.
- Steve

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>Does anyone know of research on ADHD from the
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