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Of potential interest.

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Subject: First International Workshop on Cognition & Culture
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             C A L L F O R P A P E R S
           to be held in conjunction with CogSci07
                     August 1, 2007
                     Nashville, TN

Even though explaining the mental foundations of culture and the cultural
foundations of mental life has always been one of the ultimate objectives
of the collective social sciences, there seemed little hope of developing
a natural science of culture until the recent interdisciplinary attempts
coined cognition and culture. What sets the new approach apart is its
focus on understanding the relationship between individual level cognition
and social processes rather than settling for explanations that appeal to
only one of these levels and allowing researchers from diverse traditional
disciplines to productively communicate with each other and make progress
on problems that transcend their disciplinary boundaries. Thus
anthropologists, religious studies experts, marketing researchers,
experimental psychologists, and computer scientists can work together to
identify the ecological, cognitive and ontological factors that are
critical to the spread of information and to identify the patterns of
complex dynamics between cognition and culture. This emerging field has a
number of international institutes, researchers, issues and methods but
lacks a forum where researchers from diverse traditional disciplines can
gather and discuss issues of common interest. Primary goal of this
workshop is to provide such a forum.

The one-day workshop held in conjunction with the 29th Annual Meeting of
the Cognitive Science Society will include presentation of invited papers
as well as reviewed submissions. All submissions will be reviewed by at
least two program committee members.

Papers Due: April 1, 2007
Acceptance/rejection: April 30
Workshop: August 1, 2007

Jonah Berger
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Helen De Cruz
Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Chip Heath
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Luther Martin
Professor of Religion
University of Vermont

Joel Mort
Cognitive Systems
Airforce Research Lab

Ilkka Pyysiainen
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography

D. Jason Slone
Religious Studies
Webster University

Ryan Tweney
Professor of Pscyhology
Bowling Green State University

Afzal Upal
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
University of Toledo

Papers must be 10 pages or less and must be formatted according to the
Cognitive Science Society Conference Format available here. All
submissions must be uploaded electronically through the workshop
submission web site (available in the latter half of March).
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