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Hi Janet,
    Yes, I am writing a book on his subject for Routledge of London. I'm
looking for submissions of no more than 5 pages about alternative
dissertations, either in terms of methodology or format. The book itself is
written in a dialogue format with a fictional protagonist and antagonist
guiding the discussion. I have a number of scholars, from Howard Gardner to
Patrick Slattery and many Indigenous scholars participating. So, if you have
something that would work, tell me your "story." Include ideas about why you
selected this approach, its rewards and challenges. How it contributed to
new knowledge, etc.
   I look forward to it.
Four Arrows
It is best if you send to my othr address at djacobs@fielding.edu


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>Subject: [xmca] Request for Authentic Dissertation information
>I accidentally deleted an posting from a few weeks ago regarding a
>request for submissions on Authentic Dissertations. Can anyone provide
>information about contacting the person who was requesting these
>Janet Frost
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