Re: [xmca] Harried instructor seeks words of wisdom

From: Martin Packer (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 23:15:55 PST


I'm not sure what words of mine you are responding to. Was it when I wrote:

" Cs arises from practical
activity, and serves to reorganize that activity"?

Or perhaps you're thinking of Educational Psychology, where Vygotsky was
very much using the terminology of reflex, stimulus and response. There, he
suggests that consciousness begins when a reflex is interrupted. So I agree,
there is a difference between the two. But also a relationship, and an
important one.

But perhaps I am misinterpreting you?


On 2/12/07 6:51 AM, "Armando Perez" <> wrote:

> I dont like to equate response, reflex to
> consiousness. And I think that Vygitsky stablished a
> clear difference between both of them.
> Armando
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