[xmca] Erratum: Jigak

From: David Kellogg (vaughndogblack@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 19:19:09 PST

Right you are! I meant "jagak" and not "jigak". That's my Chinese interfering with my Korean (because the Chinese word for "self" is "zi").
  The poet Tahar Ben Jalloun did a stint as a psychiatrist among immigrant Moroccan workers, and some of his patients suffered from impotence. They would come in and ask for an operation, and Ben Jalloun would have to delicately suggest that the problem might not be physiological.
  The problem he had was that the word "psychological" didn't really exist in in the demotic Arabic of this group of immigrants. He would use the Arabic word "nufs", or "self". And the immigrants would respond, "that's what I meant; there's something wrong with my self, so I need an operation!"
  Like Dr. Hwang says, you really need more than two words to get at a meaning like that. And this suggests to me that it is a concept with structure.
  David Kellogg

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