[xmca] Cognition Is Not Volition

From: David Kellogg (vaughndogblack@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 19:59:11 PST

  Oh, no! Did I say Vygotsky thought that consciousness was volition? I thought I said something like consciousness EVOLVES out of the exercise of volition.
  I thought I was being clever and paradoxical: most people see will as being the armed wing of consciousness, and find it difficult to imagine will without consciousness. Just as most people think of dictionary definitions as being the core of word-meaning and find it rather difficult to imagine pragmatic use without (dictionary) word-meaning.
  But I admit a weakness for your formulation: volition is a relationship between consciousness and functions that lack consciousness. Not least because it suggests that volition might develop into conciousness from the outside inwards (e.g. PERCEPTION-->VOLITION-->COGNITION-->METACOGNITION [CONSCIOUSNESS]!

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