[xmca] FW: Education Review Publishes Robert E. Stake "NAEP, Report Cards and Education: A Review Essay"

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 This is a very long essay, but of possible interest to those interested in
NAEP and testing in general. p

Subject: Education Review Publishes Robert E. Stake "NAEP, Report Cards and
Education: A Review Essay"

The Education Review is an open access journal that has published reviews of
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Education Review has inaugurated a new section of peer- reviewed essay
reviews, and welcomes submissions to this new department. Essay reviews are
special peer-reviewed articles that examine in depth one or more recent
books of particular significance on a single topic. Essay reviews are
generally between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length, although longer reviews
are welcome. For instructions on submitting a manuscript for possible
publication, see the website.

Education Review has just published the following essay

   NAEP, Report Cards and Education: A Review Essay

                             Robert E. Stake
           University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 Jones, Lyle V. & Olkin, Ingram.(Eds.) (2004). The Nation's Report Card:
Evolution and Perspectives. Bloomington, IN:
 Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation.
      Pp. 598 ISBN 0873678486

Citation: Stake, Robert E. (2007, February 4). NAEP, report cards and
education: A review essay. Education Review, 10(1). Retrieved [date] from


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