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As we are talking about conferences, one for those with an international/comparative slant to your own work. It looks as if this may spark some interesting debate regarding the role of the US in the global educational community. Anyway, for what it is worth, I'm going!!!
Cheers, Dan.

Education for Innovation in India, China and America

In his 2006 State of the Union message, President George W. Bush called upon the U.S. to bolster mathematics and science education and to nurture corporate innovation. In the same month, Chinese President Hu Jintao outlined major strategic tasks for building an innovation-oriented society. And Atul Khekade, COO of India’s BrainReactions LLC, asked in a widely read news source if his country will become “India, the next innovation giant?”

Two strong beliefs that have influenced national economic policy in recent years are that vibrant economies are driven by innovation, and that innovation can be taught and nurtured in schools and colleges. These ideas have been especially important in the India-China-U.S. relationship. India and China look at education and innovation as pathways to "upscaling" and diversifying their economies. The U.S. views education for innovation as a key competitive advantage and the means by which it will remain an economic superpower.

Emory University and the India, China and America (ICA) Institute are pleased to announce an international conference on “Education for Innovation in India, China and America,” to be held on March 2-3, 2007 at the Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, USA. The goals of the conference are to examine the evidence that innovation and ingenuity can in fact be taught, to explore the most effective educational strategies to promote these abilities, and to identify the relationship between education for innovation and national competitiveness or economic development.

An exceptional lineup of distinguished speakers will present papers on this timely topic:

Richard G. Baraniuk, Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Founder of Connexions, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
Sir John Daniel, President and CEO, The Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada
MaryAnn Feldman, Miller Distinguished Professor, Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
James C. Kaufman, Director, Learning Research Institute, California State University, San Bernardino, CA, USA
R. A. Mashelkar, Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India
William F. Massy, Professor Emeritus and former VP for Business and Finance, Stanford University; President, The Jackson Hole Higher Education Group, Inc., Jackson Hole, WY, USA
Barry McGaw, Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Katherine K. Perkins, Associate Director, Physics Education Technology Project, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA
Sam Pitroda, Chair, National Knowledge Commission, New Delhi, India
Denis Fred Simon, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Levin Graduate Institute, State University of New York, New York City, NY, USA
Zhou Mansheng, Deputy Director -General, National Centre for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education, Beijing, PRC
The Conference proceedings will be published as a book by Sense Publishers. Additional contributors to the book include Dr. Carl Wieman, Nobel Prize winner in physics, and Dr. Dan Steinbock author and ICT Research Director, India, China and America Institute.

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> Let's hear it for more different and unknown sources and for roses!
> Mike's invitation to send reports on interesting conferences is a great
>one, perhaps especially ones on the edges of confined disciplines.
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>> I am really glad for this great opportunity to be on XMCA! This kind of
>> experience (perezhivanie, erlebnis, vivencia, dozhivlyay) is invaluable. Yes
>> and I see that getting information and invitations for different
>> conferences all over this globe is a direct offer to make your own free
>> choice and relations. Mike, thanks for forwarding announcement of Conference
>> on Immigrant Children. Lois, thanks for your announcement of Performing the
>> World 4: The Performance of Community and the Community of Performance.
>> I guess, that the chance to learn for development includes different and
>> unknown sources. Even roses could be a source for learning for development -
>> like listening to the song Bread and Roses.
>> With best regards
>> Vesna
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>>> Amazing!!
>>> All these interesting meetings. If only I was independently rich and not
>>> working
>>> 70 hours a week!!
>>> What XMCA-o-phants can do that would be really helpful is to send reports
>> if
>>> they attend any of these
>>> interesting conferences to xmca so we could at least learn vicariously
>> when
>>> we have time to stop and
>>> look and and smell the roses.
>>> mike
>>> On 1/17/07, Lois Holzman <lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org> wrote:
>>>> While we're on a conference announcing role, here's another:
>>>> Performing the World 4 ‹
>>>> The Performance of Community and the Community of
>>>> Performance
>>>> Friday, October 12 - Sunday, October 14, 2007,
>>>> Tarrytown House, Tarrytown,
>>>> NY
>>>> Proposals Due March 15, 2007
>>>> Performing the World 4 recognizes, celebrates and interrogates the
>> growing
>>>> global performance movement and its relationship to community
>>>> building--the
>>>> thousands of innovative performance projects taking place in urban
>>>> centers,
>>>> towns and villages the world over, and the researchers, theoreticians
>> and
>>>> analyzers of what all this ensemble creativity, improvisatory play and
>>>> "stage-making" might mean for human development, the growth of
>> communities
>>>> and social change.
>>>> The weekend conference will bring together performers, educators,
>> artists,
>>>> scholars and researchers, psychologists and therapists, health and
>> helping
>>>> professionals, business professionals, youth workers, social
>>>> entrepreneurs,
>>>> activists, and community organizers to showcase innovative practice and
>>>> scholarship and provide a rich context for learning and performing
>>>> together.
>>>> A sampling of conversational themes , panels, workshops and
>> performances:
>>>> Performance as a Community Building Methodology
>>>> Postmodern Creativity and Performance
>>>> Knowing, Not Knowing and Performing
>>>> Performance as Metaphor
>>>> Performance as a Way of Life
>>>> The Therapeutics of Performance
>>>> The Creativity of the Group, Ensemble and Community
>>>> Theatre and Community
>>>> The Creativity of Improvisation
>>>> Performing, Improvising and Learning
>>>> The Power of Play
>>>> And more
>>>> Fields of Interest:
>>>> Education
>>>> Drama in Education
>>>> Psychology and Psychotherapy
>>>> Community Development
>>>> Medicine and Health Care
>>>> Organizational Change, Business
>>>> and Management
>>>> Theatre
>>>> Performance Studies
>>>> Applied Theatre
>>>> Youth Development
>>>> Participatory Research and Evaluation
>>>> Political and Community Organizing
>>>> And more
>>>> Proposals, instructions and forms for submitting proposals, due March
>> 15,
>>>> 2007, can be viewed and downloaded at www.performingtheworld.org
>>>> <http://www.performingtheworld.org/> .
>>>> Performing the World 4 is sponsored by the East Side Institute for Group
>>>> and
>>>> Short Term Psychotherapy, 920 Broadway, 14th floor, New York, NY, 10010.
>>>> Tel. 212.941.8906, Fax 212.941.0511, www.eastsideinstitute.org
>>>> <http://www.eastsideinstitute.org/>
>>>> Convening Committee
>>>> Dan Friedman (The Castillo Theatre and Youth OnStage!,
>>>> NYC)
>>>> Lois Holzman (East Side Institute for Group and Short Term
>>>> Psychotherapy, NYC)
>>>> Sheila McNamee (University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH)
>>>> Fred Newman (East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy,
>>>> NYC)
>>>> Environment
>>>> Performing the World 4 will be held at the Tarrytown House in Tarrytown,
>>>> New
>>>> York, 24 miles north of Manhattan. The Tarrytown House is situated
>> amidst
>>>> wooded bluffs overlooking the Hudson River. Built in the late 1800s as a
>>>> country estate, it offers all the facilities and amenities of the 21st
>>>> century. Accommodations include cable TV, phone and Internet access, and
>>>> use
>>>> of the fitness center, indoor pool, and tennis courts. The Tarrytown
>> House
>>>> is surrounded by miles of jogging and walking trails.
>>>> Lois
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>>>>> Subject: [xmca] Fwd: Conference on Immigrant Children ~ Call for
>> Papers
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>>>>> From: Susan Chuang <schuang@uoguelph.ca>
>>>>> Date: Jan 17, 2007 2:54 PM
>>>>> Subject: Conference on Immigrant Children ~ Call for Papers
>>>>> To: mcole@weber.ucsd.edu
>>>>> Hi Dr. Cole:
>>>>> Happy New Year!
>>>>> With the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition,
>>>> University of
>>>>> Guelph, I am organizing a conference on immigrant children from around
>>>> the
>>>>> world entitled, *On New Shores: Understanding Immigrant Children.*
>>>> Guelph is
>>>>> located 1 hour from Toronto. The conference will be *Thursday, Friday,
>>>>> October 25 ­ 26, 2007*.
>>>>> Currently, we have many committed scholars who will be discussing
>> their
>>>>> work. They include: John Berry, Raymond Buriel, Natasha Cabrera, Ruth
>>>> Chao,
>>>>> Xinyin Chen, Scott Coltrane, Roberto DeAnda, David Este, Andrew
>> Fuligni,
>>>>> Cynthia Garcia Coll (maybe), Uwe Gielen, Jacqueline Goodnow, Donald
>>>>> Hernandez, Heather Keller, Leon Kuczynski, Susan Lollis, Robert
>> Moreno,
>>>> Ross
>>>>> Parke, James Rodriguez, Carola Suarez-Orozco, and Catherine
>>>> Tamis-LeMonda.
>>>>> Also, Vivian Tseng and Tom Weisner from the William T. Grant
>> Foundation
>>>> will
>>>>> be presenting on behalf of the foundation.
>>>>> I would like to take this opportunity to extend the *Call for Papers*
>> to
>>>> you
>>>>> and your colleagues. There are two types of presentations ­ paper and
>>>>> poster. I hope that you will be interested in presenting your work OR
>>>>> attending the conference. Please email Dr. Susan Chuang at
>>>>> schuang@uoguelph.ca for submission rules and forms. To ensure
>>>> opportunities
>>>>> for discussion and involvement from the audience, the conference is
>>>> limited
>>>>> to a total of 250 individuals.
>>>>> If you have any questions or comments, please contact me via email (
>>>>> schuang@uoguelph.ca) or by phone: 519-824-4120, ext. 58389.
>>>>> I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully you will be a part of
>>>> this
>>>>> exciting conference!
>>>>> Susan Chuang
>>>>> Susan S. Chuang, Ph.D.
>>>>> Assistant Professor
>>>>> Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
>>>>> University of Guelph
>>>>> Guelph, ON N1G 2W1
>>>>> CANADA
>>>>> Voice: (519) 824-4120 ext. 58389
>>>>> Fax: (519) 766-0691
>>>>> schuang@uoguelph.ca
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