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I'm not sure about the source of your attachment by the first paragraph says:

17th century theories of racial difference:
While the 17th century did not have systematic notions of racial difference, colonialism led to the development of social and political institutions, such as slavery in the New World, that were later justified through racial theories (cf. Gossett 1997:17).

However, a wikipedia source says the following:

Casta is a 17th century term used in Spanish America, and refers to the institutionalized system of racial segregatand social stratification and segregation based on a person's heritage. (see:

There is a very famous depiction (drawing) of this system in the Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexica city which shows all of the possible permutaions of racial mixing.


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> I thought this document might be of interest to several on the list.
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> FYI: Attached is a rundown of historical concepts of
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