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From: Volker.hippie (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2007 - 08:59:32 PST

Yes, and the ZPD reminds me of the term Gibson used to describe
perception in a way, which made it possible to bridge between the
objective and subjective perception, which he named "/affordances/".

and I agree with Armando, the ZPD is something between the individual
and the other(s) - and it gets facilitated by common joint activities.

But that does not mean, that I can not take what I learn in a ZPD with
me, to others places, other and maybe even more developmental ZPD's.

Just a thought, - that the real fantastic principles in psychology are
not either/or individual/collective principles, but both, at the same
time, in a dialectical way.

It is therefore so wonderful to read Vygotsky - ´cause nobody has,
IMHO, come up with a clearer description of the ZPD than made by
Vygotsky in Denken und Sprechen, 2002, which is the translation by
Lompscher et al. .


Armando Perez skrev:
> Eric: I dont like to look at ZPD as individual but as
> a colective interperson al situation. This means that
> ZPD do not belong to an individual but it is
> constructed or co-constructed. I also work in
> educational aplication of Vygotsky and I am tried to
> unified the concept od ZPD and Social Situation odf
> Development. What do you think about that
> Armando
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