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I will be interested to read how you synthesize this topic!


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There is a flurry of writing to be found in J of Russian and East European
about relation of social situaiton of development to leading activity. I am
writing on this topic as well, but nothing completed yet.

PS- Eric-- What you characterize as Chaiklin's view is a paraphrase of what
LSV wrote most everywhere the zoped comes up in instructional situations
is the outlier).

On 1/9/07, Peter Moxhay <> wrote:
> Eric:
> You wrote:
> >>Thereby, it is my opinion that the zpd
> >>falls within the ontogentic level of development.
> >>Co-construction falls within the phylogenetic
> >>level of development.
> in response to Armando's saying:
> >>I dont like to look at ZPD as individual but as
> >>a colective interperson al situation. This means that
> >>ZPD do not belong to an individual but it is
> >>constructed or co-constructed.
> It is interesting that Davydov, in Problems of Developmental
> Instruction, writes of the zpd as a concretization of another
> of Vygotsky's concepts -- that of the transformation of
> interpsychical into intrapsychical processes, i.e.
> internalization.
> >From that point of view, wouldn't it make sense to
> speak of the zpd as belonging not strictly to the individual or
> to the collective, but to the transition between them?
> (Or their dialectical unity?)
> Also -- I am very interested in Armando's question of the relation
> of the zpd to the social situation of development. Both Chaiklin
> and Davydov speak of the leading activity as a concretization of
> the social situation of development, by the way.
> But I'm not clear on what is the relation between the zpd and the
> social situation of development. Can anyone help on this? Or
> supply some references?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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