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From: Shirley Franklin (s.franklin@dsl.pipex.com)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2007 - 08:20:03 PST

Teacher unions have to be the solution , not the problem. They are
the solution!
The problem is the constraints under which we all teach, and which
can distort how we perpcive our world!

Rethinking School is run by trade unionist teachers.. It offers some


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> Dear Friends of Rethinking Schools,
> What kind of teachers would take away their students' legos?
> In the latest issue of Rethinking Schools, you'll find out why two
> early childhood educators decided to (temporarily) ban legos. It's
> a story that recounts one imaginative effort in a Seattle after-
> school program to create a "community of fairness" among young
> children.
> You'll also step into an 8th-grade algebra class in Olympia, Wash.,
> where students explore the mathematics of rising energy consumption
> and dwindling fossil fuel supplies.
> Other highlights from Rethinking Schools' winter 2006-07 edition:
> Back to the Drawing Board for NCLB, by the editors of Rethinking
> Schools. As the Democrats take control of Congress, they ought to
> radically rethink the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act, which has
> become a "test-and-punish" law.
> Teaching Is Not Testing, by Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia. Californians
> band together to fight the state's discriminatory exit exam.
> Australia Battles Privatization, by Barbara Miner. In Australia,
> public coffers fund private schools. Barbara Miner interviews
> Angelo Gavrielatos of the Australian Education Union.
> A Framework for Understanding Ruby Payne, by Anita Bohn and Savage
> Unrealities, by Paul Gorski. Poverty is big business for Ruby
> Payne's aha! Process, Inc. But her publications and workshops
> peddle some dangerous notions.
> What Names Us? by T. Elijah Hawkes. An urban high school in New
> York shapes its vision around the work of author James Baldwin.
> Reclaiming Hidden History, by Michael Pezone and Alan Singer. High
> school students face opposition when they create a slavery walking
> tour in Manhattan.
> Teachers in Oaxaca Face Repression and Violence, by David Bacon.
> One of the world's most significant teacher union struggles is
> unfolding in Oaxaca, Mexico.
> So start the New Year off with some dynamic ideas about education.
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