[xmca] The Goizueta Foundation Graduate Scholars Fund Assistantship at UGA

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 10:50:54 PST

> The Goizueta Foundation, founded by Roberto C. Goizueta (former
> Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company), established The Goizueta
> Foundation Graduate Scholars Fund to enhance the education and skills
> of graduate students dedicated to Latino education so that these
> Graduate Scholars will continue to contribute to Latino educational
> improvement in the United States after they complete graduate school.
> The Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE),
> housed in the College of Education at UGA, supervises these
> campus-wide graduate assistantships awarded to outstanding graduate
> This assistantship consists of a total stipend of approximately
> $12,000, paid over eleven months. In addition, students awarded these
> assistantships are eligible for a reduced tuition rate, paying only
> $25 per semester plus all student fees. Students spend 13 hours per
> week for eleven months starting in August 2007, working with the UGA
> Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education. Assistantships
> are awarded for one year, and may be renewed for up to two additional
> years based on excellent performance and satisfactory progress towards
> Eligible students are current or incoming graduate students
> (preferably doctoral level students admitted to the Graduate School
> and a graduate program by the nomination deadline) in any department
> or college at the University of Georgia who have:
> . An outstanding academic record
> . Expertise/experience in Latino education and/or potential and intent
> to contribute to Latino education in the United States upon completion
> of graduate school.
> . Proficiency in Spanish
> . Citizenship/permanent residence/family in the United States (i.e.,
> not an international student planning to return to another country
> upon graduation).
> I. Applicants must submit a letter of application describing how
> he/she meets the eligibility and selection criteria (including Spanish
> proficiency and commitment to Latino education/outreach), a resume
> with contact information, all transcripts, & two letters of
> recommendation with contact information.
> II. The Department Head or Graduate Coordinator may also submit a
> package of candidate materials to the Graduate School including each
> of the above plus a letter of nomination, including the student's
> admission status if not currently enrolled.
> III. In place of the above, current recipients of The Goizueta
> Foundation Graduate Scholars Fund Assistantships who are applying for
> an additional year of funding should provide (by the same deadline as
> 1. a letter from the Department Head or Graduate Coordinator
> indicating that the student is making satisfactory progress towards
> his/her degree;
> 2. a letter from the candidate outlining accomplishments as a Graduate
> Scholar, expressing interest in and justifying the request for an
> additional year of funding. Submission of application materials for
> the competition may be made electronically at:
> http://www.gradsch.uga.edu:5080/goizueta/
> Priority for these awards will go to students based on the following
> criteria:
> . Professional or academic experience in Latino education.
> . Strength of academic record.
> . Strength and cogency of nominations by department and professional
> references.
> . Demonstration of commitment to Latino education and outreach and
> potential for continuing commitment to Latino education and outreach
> in the United States after completion of graduate school.
> All nominations for new and continuing candidates should be received
> by the Graduate School Business Office by 5 pm on March 2, 2007.
> Candidates for these assistantships will also be interviewed (in person or
by phone).
> Students will be informed of a decision on or about the last week of
> March, 2007. Please direct any questions regarding these
> assistantships to CLASE Co-Director Dr. Bernadette Musetti
(bernadet@uga.edu, 706-542-3830).

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