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Yes Peter, Davydov was interested in having students travel the genetic
development of math concepts through actions but he viewed the teacher's
job as cultural influence to provide the intellectual theory. I believe it
was erroneous for me to state that theory comes before practice but rather
that 'theory should lead practice'. Or am i oversimplifying things? I
certainly admit I need to read more Davydov and not rely on third party
references. The most current being Jean Schmittau's "Cultural-Historic
Theory and Mathematics Instruction" In the compilation "Vygotsky's
Educational Theory in Cultural Context".

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Very interesting discussion, Eric, Joe and all, but I'm not sure that
Eric's comment:

>>Very interested in your math curriculum work. Do you place credence in
>>Davidov's idea that theory comes before practice?

represents Davydov's point of view at all. Davydov writes at length about
the primacy of practice in human cognition, and this is well reflected in
the curricula that were created based on his ideas.

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