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there is also the work of Goody and Watt , Walter
Ong's Orality and Literacy and Eric Havelock The
Muse learns to write

The coming of literate communication to western culture - group of 2 »
E Havelock - Journal of Communication, 1980 - Blackwell Synergy
Page 1. Literacy and the Future of Print The Coming of Literate Communication
to Western Culture by Eric A. Havelock The invention ...
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>hi david and mike
> yes, mike gave you two important sources in writing systems.You can add
> Ignace Gelb, histoire de l´ecriture. Paris:
>Presse Universitaire du France (1976). There is
>an spanish printing by Alianza Editorial.
> Also, there is a david olson´s chapter in
>Wertsch, del río and Alvarez´s Sociocultural
>studies of mind ( 1995). " Writing and the
>mind", pp. 95-123.
> good luck!
> Ignacio Dalton
>Mike Cole <> wrote:
> Hi David--
>There is a LOT of material on the topic of writing systems.
>Two interesting places to start are:
>D. Schmandt-Besserat, Before Writing:. U of Texas Press. 1992 (two volumes)
>R. Harris. The origin of writing. Open Court. 1986.
>David Olson has written extensively on this topic, primarily from secondary
>I am unsure of best sources that delve into origins of writing in China
>which were more or less co-incident with
>events in Euphrates area.
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