Re: [xmca] Spam using xmca

From: Kevin Rocap (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 08:42:57 PDT

Dear Mike,

Hmmm. [xmca] is a legitimate appended identifier to every xmca message;
I'm not sure folks should be filtering that out as spam; that identifies
an xmca message and is actually the way to filter i order to put all of
your xmca messages in one folder for easy location. Did I
misunderstand? Thanks.

In Peace,

Mike Cole wrote:
> I have reported the spam problem that involves a character set that
> begins
> [xmca]. He believes he has fixed the problem.
> For safety sake, put [xmca] in your spam filter. there is no
> legitimate use
> of it.
> mike
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