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Thinking has some force to it, Ana, but it is not free will.

Think, if you will, of individuals under torture. That's the thought experiment I apply to such questions. Some "break"; some don't. No one thinks their way out of the torture that's inflicted. Do you think the ones who don't break exercise free will?

I would say they exercise constraints they have practiced in other situations in the past, & they have learned to read the conditions in such a way that 'not-breaking' is desirable.


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I think that Luria was not right in that and that people-kind proved
many times that "a shadow can carry stones" indeed.
In fact I think that our whole science (social sciences) exists because
we believe that thinking (shadow) has some force in it.
Don't you think?

Mike Cole wrote:
> I believe the issue was constraints and free will, donna and don. Sorry for
> the distraction of too many words.
> These were the one's I was focused on. If you are interested in persuing the
> issue beyond snuffing it, lets.
> Are constraints a way of avoiding the issue of free will? And will? Luria
> wrote:
> "Many observations support our view that the consideration of the voluntary
> act as accomplished by "will-power" is a myth and that the human cannot by
> direct force control his behavior any more than "a shadow can carry stones".
> Sniff.
> mike
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>> " When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said,
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>> "The question is, said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many
>> different
>> things."
>> "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty,
>> "which is to be the master--that's all."
>> Lewis Carroll
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