[xmca] Fwd: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: professor position in Toulouse (France)

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 03:22:49 PDT

>A Professorship in education (socio-linguistics or anthropology of
>language) is available in Toulouse (France) at ENFA: Ecole Nationale de
>Formation Agronomique de Toulouse
>Please visit the web site for a full description of the position and
>information: (in French)
>The professor will belong to a research team involved in education.
>Candidates from all over Europe are welcome to apply.
>Within the research team, the professor recruited provide a theoretical
>background on the conditions of emergence of linguistic and technical ways
>of expression among professional groups belonging to specific cultures as
>well as on the conditions for the development of these ways of expression.
>Although he or she will belong to one of the three sub teams, his or her
>approach will be a pluridisciplinary collaboration with the aim of a
>theoretical focussing. In the scope of the new structuring of the
>education research at ENFA and after the person is recruited, the team's
>head researcher will be chosen by the team members themselves according to
>the rules normally applied with any research team.
>Scientific and relationship requirements
>. The professor should belong to the education research milieu. He or
>she may be qualified in the fields of technique and technology didactics or
>of language anthropology or of socio linguistics. Besides, he should be well
>informed of the current developments of the different didactics.~
>. The professor recruited will have to apply his or her knowledge to
>research questions developed in the team.
>. The professor's research works and publications should markedly
>testify a pluridisciplinary approach involving the questions of the various
>. The scientific accuracy value required will be certified by the
>publications, articles and books which will have to be recognised in the
>professor's close university milieu but also cited as references in works
>in the whole of France and abroad.
>. The Professor should be able to represent the ENFA research abroad
>thanks to a good knowledge and practice of the English language.
>. The professor's strictness and planning qualities will be recognised
>in his or her past professional activities during which the latter will have
>been exercised in a very practical and performing way.
>Teaching activities
>. The professor's teaching activities will be imputed to CLEF
>Department. The professor will exercise his or her teacher training activity
>in collaboration with the various subject matters and their own didactics in
>order to introduce an anthropological, linguistic and technical dimension
>in relation with his or her own research.
>. Besides, the teacher will be able to treat the common issues shared
>the various teaching subject matters such as evaluation or class
>management by means of the language functions.
>. The professor's teaching duty will be performed in close
>with his or her colleagues of all the subject matters offered at ENFA.
>. The new professor should have acquired a reasonable knowledge of the
>agricultural education system by the time he or she postulates for the
>. The professor may have to conduct trainings for the ENFA teaching or
>non teaching staff. He or she may also participate in the engineering of
>training sessions for the higher agricultural teaching establishments.
>. The professor will develop expertise activities and trainings at
>master and doctorate levels. He will contribute in reinforcing scientific
>links with the local universities and the local research centres as well as
>with International partners. For so doing, he or she may make use of the
>existing net of partners.
>Maryvonne MERRI, ENFA, Toulouse-Auzeville 2 route de Narbonne, BP 22687,
>31326 CASTANET, Cedex
>(33) 5 61753291
>(33) 6 84309676 (portable)

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