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Here are some references I have downloaded. He/she will have to search for
them by author.

QUT Museums Collaborative Research Project ‹ a lengthy report from
Queensland Australia
Edeiken, L. R. (1992). Children's museums: The serious business of wonder,
play and learning. Curator, 35(1), 21-27.
The DuPage Childrenıs Museum in Chicago (connected with the Erikson
What is learning ... and why do museums need to do something about it?
Lynda Kelly, Head, Australian Museum Audience Research Centre
LEARNING CONVERSATIONS IN MUSEUMS - Author/Editor: Gaea Leinhardt (ed.),
Kevin Crowley (ed.), and Karen Knutson (ed.)
MUSEUMS AND INTERPRETIVE COMMUNITIES Paper presented at ³Musing on Learning²
Seminar, Australian Museum, 20 April 1999, Eilean Hooper-Greenhill,
Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester


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> Hi, everyone,
> One of the students at the mini-course asked me about CHAT and
> museum education. Do you know any research, names, programs I can
> refer her to?
> Thanks,
> Elina
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