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Don-- Did you read the article?
Anyway, who needs word police when we have the oed:

Determinism: 1)The philosophical doctrine that human action is not free but
necessarily determined by motives, which are regarded as external forces
acting upon the will.2) The doctrine that everything that happens is
determined by a necessary chain of causation.

Prolepsis: 1) The representation or taking of something future as already
done or existing; anticipation; also, the assignment of an event, a name,
etc. to a too early date; an anachronism, prochronism. 2) A figure in which
objections or arguments are anticipated in order to preclude their use,
answer them in advance, or prepare for them an unfavourable reception;3) The
anticipatory use of an attribute.

What do the police think of this? Do we need to call in Ragnar Rommetveit to

On 4/18/06, Cunningham, Donald James <> wrote:
> Hello Peter. The word police here. What is the difference between
> prolepsis and determinism?
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