[xmca] Qualitative Inquiry

From: Lois Holzman (lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 09:42:28 PDT

There is an effort to form a new APA division on Qualitative Inquiry,
spearheaded by Ken Gergen and Ruthellen Josselson. I might have announced
this a few months ago and, if so, thanks to all APA members who signed the
petition. But there's a long way to go to get the required 850 signatures to
apply for division status!

Here's a note from Ken and Ruthellen, asking for support. I've also attached
a letter from them and the petition. So, if you're an APA member, please
sign, and everyone, please pass this along.


Could you please send the message below, along with the
attached documents, to two or three colleagues who might be willing to
join the effort.

With effective networking we may well have the numbers to bring this
significant movement to fruition.

If you engage in or support qualitative research methods, your help
is very much needed. Researchers from many corners of APA
increasingly recognize the significance of qualitative inquiry, both
as an adjunct to existing methods and a significant opportunity for
enriching the concept and practice of research. Responding to the
need for a community in which qualitative methods can be shared,
examined and created, there is a move to create a new, Division of
Qualitative Inquiry. More details can be found in the attached
letter. If you can support the effort with your signature, please
sign the attached card and send by mail or fax. We do hope you can
help the vision to become a reality. And by all means, share this
message with interested colleagues.

            Kenneth J. Gergen and Ruthellen Josselson

For the Committee on Qualitative Inquiry: Michael Bamburg, Scott
Churchill, Bert Cohler, Keith Davis, Mary Gergen, Belinda Khong,
Brinton Lykes, Dan McAdams, Suzanne Ouellette, Martin Packer, Don
Polkinghorne, Mac Runyan, Todd Schultz, and Hank Stam.

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